stage 5

Stage 5
Slipstream Wins!

Danny Pate won the 5th stage of the Tour of Missouri today in a solo finish in St. Charles.

I have not had a chance to watch the archive of the stage yet, I will have a full report once I have.

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  1. pete geyer says:

    April, you sure picked the right team to cover. U.S. cycling fans are becoming more familiar with Slipstream because of their success in Missouri, at a critical time with this being Discovery’s last race in the U.S.

    Hopefully many of these fans will tune in during the Tour of California as the 2008 season gets under way. And since Slipstream rather significantly raced the Criterium International in France last spring, you can be sure they will be even more present at big races in 2008. Indeed, I think it likely that Tour (and CI) organizer ASO told them already that a 2008 TDF invite is in play.

  2. Pat Segars says:

    I’m really pleased that there is a Slipstream Blog. I will be following this team and will be checking this Blog regularly for news and updates. I read that Jason McCartney has had an offer to ride for Slipstream. He would be a great addition to the team.

  3. April says:

    Pete –

    It’s bittersweet to know that Team Slipstream moves into the top US team position at the expense of Discovery Channel, but as the commentators mentioned after Stage 6, it makes the loss of Team Discovery Channel a little easier to take. And, of course, as a “longtime” Team Slipstream fan, I am very excited to see this team achieve so much so quickly.

    As they move toward a hopeful 2009 ProTour spot, 2008 will undoubtedly be key for this team. I can only agree with you about that! I certainly hope a TdF invite is already being considered, but I do believe it will happen.

    Pat – I am glad to see the blog already has fans! Having been a fan of Team Slipstream since they were TIAA-CREF, I am only more and more impressed with this team and I cannot wait to see what they will accomplish in 2008.

    I am happy to hear you’ll be checking back. I will do my best to keep up-to-date and bring all the Team Slipstream news to one place! I did read about Jason McCartney. Now that Jonathan Vaughters has confirmed he is offering, I am very excited about the possibility of adding Jason McCartney to Slipstream! I will be anxious to hear of Jason’s decision.

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