tour of missouri – stages 1-4


I’m a couple days behind, but nevertheless, I’m going to go ahead and cover the Tour of Missouri so far.

Stage 1
Missouri native, Brad Huff, wasted no time in making his presence known and posted an impressive 7th place finish in the first stage of the Tour of Missouri. The rest of the Slipstream team finished strong:

49 Timmy Duggan
55 Steven Cozza
58 Danny Pate
60 William Frischkorn
79 Michael Friedman
83 Huub Duyn
84 Jonathan McCarty

Stage 2
An even better day for Team Slipstream! Michael Friedman finished 4th, and William Frischkorn added another Slipstream name to the Top 10 by finishing 10th.

31 Brad Huff
38 Steven Cozza
78 Jonathan McCarty
94 Huub Duyn
100 Timmy Duggan
104 Danny Pate

Slipstream was not left disappointed when it came time for the podium. Will Frischkorn was named Most Aggressive Rider and will wear the Drury Hotels Most Aggressive Rider for Stage 3.

And perhaps most exciting, Team Slipstream took over the Team classification! Congratulations to Team Slipstream and a job very well done!

Stage 3
The Time Trial went very well for Team Slipstream. Danny Pate finished 5th, ahead of GC Leader George Hincapie (of Team Discovery Channel). Timmy Duggan posted an impressive 7th place finish, as did Will Frischkorn who finished 12th.

15 Steven Cozza
20 Huub Duyn
23 Patrick McCarty
29 Michael Friedman
59 Brad Huff

Steven Cozza was the Best Young Rider for Stage 3 and took over the Best Young Rider classification, with Huub Duyn ranking 2nd by just 0.29.

Will Frischkorn’s solid ride boosted him into 2nd in the GC standings! Michael Friedman moved up to 5th overall. Slipstream also retained their lead in the Team classification.

Stage 4
Today’s stage was long and windy, with very little hill or mountain terrain. As expected, there were 2 breaks. The first was a solo breakaway by future Slipstream rider Ryder Hesjedal (Health Net! The second break eventually became a 10-man break, and included Timmy Duggan and Steven Cozza, as well as Ryder Hesjedal again.

Although the break was caught with 5km to go, Slipstream still posted impressive results. Brad Huff finished 14th in the bunch sprint.

26 Michael Friedman
43 William Frischkorn
51 Patrick McCarty
63 Steven Cozza
78 Timothy Duggan
87 Danny Pate
89 Huub Duyn

Will Frischkorn stayed in 2nd place in the GC, just 1.40 behind race leader George Hincapie. Steven Cozza retained the lead in the Best Young Rider, and Huub Duyn is still in 2nd place. In the Team classification, Slipstream is still leading, with over 11 minutes on Discovery Channel.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s stage, which should be exciting! You can catch Live Coverage of the stage. Check out for the latest Live Coverage!

Until tomorrow, stay along for the ride!

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