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Amstel Gold Race 2011

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The Amstel Gold Race is on free-to-air satellite TV today (Sunday 17 April). You can see it on RAI 3 (13e) from 1505 cet and Eurosport (19e) from 1520.

Oddly, it’s scheduled from 1700-1715 cet on RAI Sport 2, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

Highlights look to be on RAI Sport 2 2345-0115 tonight and Eurosport 0845-1000 tomorrow. (Again, both times cet.)

Have you seen it on other free channels? Please, leave a comment and let everyone know.


Paris-Roubaix 2011

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Happy hell-day! Paris-Roubaix live on FreeTV now: Eurosport (19e), RAI Sport 2 (13e) and France 3 (5w).

Sorry for the late notice. I was busier than I thought I would be yesterday. Thanks to the person who posted it in a comment: I’ve auto-approved you for the yet to be published page for future races. Happily, the main cyclingfans Paris-Roubaix posts have been a pretty good place to look for TV, because the online coverage for this race seems to be from the same stations.

Highlights will be on RAI Sport 2 17:00-17:15 and 22:00-23:30 CET (the second one is in between showings of Giro dell’Appennino) and on Eurosport at 01:00 CET, 10:30 and 16:30 tomorrow. Hope it’s a good one!


Tour of the Basque Country 2011

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Bernie S wrote in to let us know that “RAIsport 2 (13e) is covering Tour of Basque Country but not on ETBSat as previous years but on Canal Vasco which is not as far as I can see on Satellite”.

Show times are: 15:30-17:00 CET and 22:30-23:30 Monday, 15:30-17:00 and 22:45-23:45 Tuesday, 17:00-18:30 and 22:30-23:30 Wednesday, 15:30-17:00 and 22:30-23:30 Thursday, 17:00-18:30 and 22:30-23:30 Friday and 17:00-18:30 and 00:00-01:00 Saturday. I’m guessing that some of those might be live, some delayed and the evening showings are highlights.

Sadly, he’s quite right about Canal Vasco – I can’t find it either. It seems to be broadcast only to America from Hispasat 30w. This race has been a late addition to ETBSat’s schedules at least one year before, but I doubt it will be this year because it’s also been on Eurosport in the past and isn’t this year. I think that’s sometimes a sign of a race losing media partners or trying+failing to raise its prices.


Tour of Flanders 2011

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The Tour of Flanders is on today and you can watch it free-to-air by Satellite on Eurosport (19e) from 12:30, RAI Sport 2 (13e) from 12:20 and France 3 (5w) from 15:20 (all times CET).

It looks like 30 minute highlights are on RAI Sport 2 at 17:00 and 22:30.

As ever, live internet coverage links are on the cyclingfans Tour of Flanders page but if you see more free TV links, please leave me a comment. I’m actually near my computer more today, so should post them up in good time!


Three Days of De Panne

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Now that RAI Sport 2 (13e) has a schedule online, it’s turning into quite a haven for cycling. Today (Tue 29 March), there’s coverage of the Three Days of De Panne from 14:30-17:00 cet, with another show 22:30-23:30.

Now, it would be even better if I could find a schedule for more than just today – but given how reliable RAI’s timings aren’t, it probably doesn’t matter!


Gent-Wevelgem 2011

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It looks like Gent-Wevelgem, the first of the main Belgian spring classics, is on free-to-air satellite TV on RAI Sport 2 (13e) from 16:00-18:10 cet. It doesn’t say live (diretta) by it, but at that time (expected finish 16:27), it can’t be far off, can it?

RAI Sport 2 also shows GP Cittiglio CDM at 20:00, track at 21:30, Criterium International highlights at 23:30 and G-W highlights at 00:15. It’s a pretty good channel to have.

If you see G-W on another free channel, please leave a comment.


Criterium International

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There are three races on today, but the easiest one to watch on free TV is Criterium International from Corsica which is on France 2 (5w) from 15:40 CET.

Please let me know in a comment if you spot more coverage of this or another race on free TV.


Milan-San Remo

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Live Free-to-air Satellite TV coverage of Milan-San Remo seems to be limited to RAI3 (13e) from 14:50 CET today (Saturday 19 March 2011). Highlights are on Eurosport (19e) 18:00-19:00 CET.

Please, if you spot it on any other free-to-air channels, leave me a comment or tweet @mjray or similar. I’ll check back here before the race.


Paris-Nice, the Race to the Sun

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So the World Tour FreeTV cycling season starts in earnest with Paris-Nice, the race to the sun. You can watch the race every day on France 3 (5w), from about 13:30 CET for the first stage, 16:10 CET during the week.

Eurosport (19e) also has live coverage from Monday, but only highlights in the evening today (Sunday 6 March, the first stage).

There will be a race review on itv4 (28e) at some future date, but I didn’t find it in their schedule yet. I think it’s been something like a month after the race in previous years!

The race organisers list Eurovision as a media sponsor, so it might be on other channels too. Have you seen satellite free TV coverage elsewhere?


Berlin 6

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Bernie S has written in that “RBB Berlin on Astra are showing last night of Berlin 6 from 2145 to 2300 on Tuesday 1st Feb“.

You can find RBB Berlin at 19e and it’s 2145-2300 GMT, 2245-0000 CET.

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