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After the lack of response to my last post, I’m closing this blog down. I’ll keep the TV Links page on my personal website updated with cycling links and you can contact me through that site too. Thanks for reading and I hope this site helped some people over the last few years.


Vuelta a Espana – and a Big Question

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Right, the Vuelta looks great for us Brits this year, with at least some coverage on itv4 (28e) every day – and it’s as good as ever for the rest of Europe on Eurosport Germany (19e). Once again, host broadcaster TVEi (13e) doesn’t seem to be covering it. Have you spotted it on other channels? Please, leave a comment below and let the web know.

Now a question for you: when I started this blog, listings were scattered across EPGs, teletext, hard-to-use websites and newspapers and so on. Now there are half-decent listing websites for most broadcasters and Federazione Ciclistica Italiana has a decent listings page which makes up for RAI’s website still being rubbish. Now I have less time (you probably noticed I didn’t comment on this year’s Volta a Portugal at all) and 95% of my postings are based on checking the same few listings, so should I continue with this blog? Do you still find it useful?

If I do pack up, I’ll post some links here and I’ll still mention races on, twitter and so on, if you’d like to follow me there.


Tour of the Basque Country

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Again on ETB sat (FTA at 19e with ident EUSKADI TV), the Tour of the Basque Country is on today (Monday), 15:55 – 17:45 CET, then tomorrow and Wednesday 15:55-17:35 CET. Probably similar times for the rest of it, but ETB sat doesn’t seem to be in many programme guides.


Rund um Köln

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I’ve a soft spot for this race – it was the first one I saw after putting up my first satellite antenna. WDR (19e, widescreen and in stereo) are showing the race from 10:20 to 16:05 CET.

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