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Vuelta a Espana – and a Big Question

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Right, the Vuelta looks great for us Brits this year, with at least some coverage on itv4 (28e) every day – and it’s as good as ever for the rest of Europe on Eurosport Germany (19e). Once again, host broadcaster TVEi (13e) doesn’t seem to be covering it. Have you spotted it on other channels? Please, leave a comment below and let the web know.

Now a question for you: when I started this blog, listings were scattered across EPGs, teletext, hard-to-use websites and newspapers and so on. Now there are half-decent listing websites for most broadcasters and Federazione Ciclistica Italiana has a decent listings page which makes up for RAI’s website still being rubbish. Now I have less time (you probably noticed I didn’t comment on this year’s Volta a Portugal at all) and 95% of my postings are based on checking the same few listings, so should I continue with this blog? Do you still find it useful?

If I do pack up, I’ll post some links here and I’ll still mention races on, twitter and so on, if you’d like to follow me there.


Tour de France 2011

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So, it’s Co-operatives Fortnight in the UK, but the tour is underway! I’ll post more details a bit later, but from channel-hopping, the headline channels are: France 2 (5w), Eurosport (19e), itv4 (28e), RAI Tre and RAI Sport (13e).


Tour of California

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The 2011 Amgen Tour of California starts today. Probably. If the snow lets it. Watch the 2011 Tour of California live coverage details page on the main site for updates.

As I mentioned in passing on the Giro d’Italia article, it’s being covered in itv4 (28e) at 22:00 BST each night by Real Peloton‘s Ned Boulting and Matt Rendell which really should be a great watch. Given their belief that they’d have a fantastic 3-minute commentary career, I assume the main commentary is coming from someone like Phil and Paul.

There was an on-screen graphic during the Giro today saying that Eurosport (19e) would have live coverage from 23:00 CET tonight, but that’s not reflected in the web listings just now (tabletennis, it says), which just show a highlights show before tomorrow’s Giro live coverage.

Have you spotted coverage on any other European Free-to-air Satellite TV channels? Please leave me a comment and let me know.


Giro d’Italia (and Dunkerque)

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And here’s the first grand tour of 2011, the Giro d’Italia.

As for free-to-air Satellite TV, the Giro is on both RAI 3 and Sport 2 (13e) (thanks Bernie S), as well as Eurosport (19e).

In general, RAI seem to cover the whole thing (including build-up) on Sport 1 or 2 from the start of coverage, then on RAI Tre from 15.45 while Eurosport starts at some point between 14:15 (most days) and 15:45 (today, Saturday). Both have highlights most nights with repeats the following morning about 0915 on RAI Sport and 1000 on Eurosport.

I’m not seeing the Giro listed on any UK or French television (itv’s Ned Boulting tweeted that the Giro was “eye-wateringly expensive”), but as an added bonus, I have just spotted stage 5 of Les 4 jours de Dunkerque on Direct 8 (19e) at 1530 CET tomorrow (Sunday 8 May). I think it may be on France 3, but I didn’t work out if it’s on the free satellite version or only some regional ones.

Have you seen the Giro on other free TV channels? Please leave me a comment and let us know where.


Paris-Nice, the Race to the Sun

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So the World Tour FreeTV cycling season starts in earnest with Paris-Nice, the race to the sun. You can watch the race every day on France 3 (5w), from about 13:30 CET for the first stage, 16:10 CET during the week.

Eurosport (19e) also has live coverage from Monday, but only highlights in the evening today (Sunday 6 March, the first stage).

There will be a race review on itv4 (28e) at some future date, but I didn’t find it in their schedule yet. I think it’s been something like a month after the race in previous years!

The race organisers list Eurovision as a media sponsor, so it might be on other channels too. Have you seen satellite free TV coverage elsewhere?


Tour de France 2010

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And so it begins again!

itv4 (28e) has live coverage every day for the first time. Start times are between 1500 and 1700 BST, with highlights daily at 1900-2000 BST (except today when it’s at 2000), repeated the following day at 1300.

France Television is the home broadcaster and you can watch live tour coverage on France 2 (5w) most days starting at or before 1420 CET. There’s often a short programme earlier at 1250 or 1300 CET for the village départ on France 3 (5w). There’s a coverage guide in French on the France Television site. Generally, the pictures are what you’ll see used as a base by all the other broadcasters.

Italian channel RAI Due (13e) has the live stages again this year, with highlights later on RAI Sport píu (13e). Earlier in the day, RAI Sport píu is showing the Giro d’Italia femmini if you’d like to watch that.

Either the Spanish-language channels suck, my TV guides suck or both. I can’t find any free-to-air coverage from Spain at all.

In German, Eurosport (19e) has live coverage daily about the same time. Once again, expect it to have added features like Planet Armstrong: Season 2, interviews, guest summarisers and slightly irritating competitions scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

ARD and ZDF (13e and 19e) have come back to their senses after a couple of bad years. This year they’re showing live coverage, but still starting about an hour later in the stage than some broadcasters (1530 CET or so). Maybe next year will see full coverage.

Have you spotted any more free-to-air coverage? Any particularly good (or bad) presentations of the Tour? What do you love or hate about the shows? Leave a comment and praise Phil or lament Duffy Duck if you like…


Tour Series

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The Tour Series, the Tour of Britain’s city centre circuit racing sister, started last night at Canary Wharf and it’s on satellite today, free-to-air at 28e right now on itv4 or in an hour on itv4+1.

For the next few weeks, it should be every Wednesday and Friday on itv4 at 19:00 BST (UTC+0100). Maybe see you at a race later on.


Giro d’Italia

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Grand Tour Time! The first one of 2010 kicks off. As you’d expect, the Tour of Italy starts anywhere except Italy: this year it’s Amsterdam.

Coverage is where you’d expect: Rai Tre daily from 1515 CET, with preview before that, aftershow after it and highlights later on Rai Sport Pìu, both free-to-air at 13e. See Rai Teletext’s sport page for exact details.

It’s also on Eurosport at 19e if you prefer it in German or that’s where your dish is pointing.

Sadly, once again, it seems that none of the free-to-air French or English channels are showing the Giro. Come on itv4 – home of cycling, but only one grand tour?


Tour of Britain

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ToB Taunton Banner The Tour of Britain started today!

Coverage is free-to-air on itv4 (28e) and it’s at 7pm BST most nights, except for 7.30pm on Sunday, 8pm Wednesday and 10.30pm(???) Thursday. TV times are shown on the itv Cycling web page.

It’s Britain’s top race and comes to Somerset for two key days this year just before the race-finishing 92km London circuit stage next Saturday.

Is it on TV anywhere else? I didn’t find it yet. I guess the Vuelta is more attractive for most broadcasters who are going to show cycle racing.


Tour of Ireland

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Just a small note to anyone monitoring this feed to go look at the Tour of Ireland details over on our parent site As well as itv4 (28e #ukfreetv) at 1900 BST, it’s also on Eurosport Germany (19e) about 0000 CET.

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