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Call for cycling blogs and web sites

Frequent any cycling blogs and web sites , including your own, that you recommend others check out?  We are compiling a list of general interest, team-specific and rider-specific cycling blogs and web sites for inclusion in an online directory of such sites.  Sites in English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Dutch, Danish, Japanese and all other languages welcome.  We look forward to any recommendations you might have.   Please send the web addresses for your own and favorite sites to the Editor here .  Thanks!

Call for bloggers

Are you interested in starting a blog about any aspect of cycling?  (General cycling, a specific team, specific rider, training, equipment reviews, etc.)  We can help get you started, host your blog for you, and can also supply you with images from participating race photographers, dynamic content such as news tickers, and much more.  Please contact the Editor here.